Discover A Powerful Way to Look & Feel Younger

Are you ready to unlock the key to a healthier, younger you?

If you're seeking to improve your pelvic health and enhance your overall wellbeing,

How Do You Benefit?

You'll learn a powerful way to Biohack Your Appearance, while Improving Your Pelvic Health.

Get ready to experience a life changing transformation with our unique Pelvic Health Program.

Say goodbye to standard kegels and hello to the hi® massage system, the ultimate solution designed specifically for your needs as a woman.

Our program not only restores Pelvic Floor Health but also naturally boosts essential hormones for collagen synthesis, giving your skin a natural glow.

Imagine waking up each morning feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to take on the day with confidence.

But it doesn't stop there. Our program goes beyond improving your pelvic health.

With clinically demonstrated techniques, you'll increase your Oxytocin, DHEA, and other hormone levels, promoting collagen rebuilding and further enhancing your youthful appearance.

Studies have shown that maintaining these hormonal levels are vital for collagen production, making your skincare routine more effective and rewarding in the long run. No more wasting money on supplements that won't deliver the results you need.

And that's not all. Our program will also guide you towards simple lifestyle changes that help you relax, while improving your quality of sleep, ensuring you wake up feeling rested and ready to seize the day.

Now, let's talk about the power of support and community. We understand that making lasting changes can be challenging, but you don't have to do it alone.

Join our supportive group of likeminded individuals who are all on the same journey towards improved pelvic health and overall vitality.

Together, we'll motivate and inspire each other to stay on track and reach our goals.

The Freedom from Urinary Incontinence program is a comprehensive 4 week journey that addresses various facets of women's pelvic and overall health.

Many women have embraced this routine not just for its health benefits but also for the positive impact it has on their appearance and overall wellbeing.

At its core, our program is about empowering you to take control of your body, unlock your true potential, and embrace a vibrant, youthful life.

It's time to say goodbye to urinary incontinence and hello to a confident, radiant you.

Don't wait any longer Join our program and experience the transformative power of taking care of your pelvic health, enhancing your beauty from within, and living life to the fullest!

What Is The Program?

While the program focuses on urinary incontinence, it addresses many aspects of women's pelvic, and overall health.

Many women follow the routine for how it improves their appearance and helps them relax.

Freedom from Urinary Incontinence is a 4-week program teaching you natural, non-medical* approaches to dealing with urinary incontinence.

You'll learn a simple routine that helps improve pelvic health, while slowing aging & giving you a natural glow!

The Program Has 3 Goals

First, you learn how to create a new mindset that empowers you to achieve your goals, and reduce stress.

Next, you’ll learn easy techniques with hi® plus other exercise routines - that go far beyond kegels.

These rituals do more than improve your pelvic floor strength.

They help you relax, sleep deeper, and enhance your body's ability to heal.

Then - and just as importantly - you’ll learn how to actually keep doing the routines so they become part of your lifestyle.

Designed For Busy Schedules

Each week you focus on one core area. Odds are your schedule is crazy, like everyone else's. So having just a few steps each week is more manageable.

This helps make these positive changes a permanent part of your lifestyle.

New Friends Keep You On Track!

The program can be done by yourself (in private) - BUT ideally you'll want to be paired with an accountability partner.

Your coach explains this in your onboarding session.

Having an accountability partner dramatically increases your chances of success!

You motivate each other by sharing your wins, and challenges in our private discussion group.

Plus you check up on each other to make sure you’re doing your daily routine.

Plus you check up on each other to make sure you’re doing your daily routine.

Weekly Coaching You'll LOVE!

You have a weekly group coaching call (via zoom).

During the call we do a fun process where you empower and inspire each other. You’ll be amazed how good this makes you feel!

Then we review the core techniques and answer questions.

Next you and your accountability partner update the group on how you’re doing.

Then we review the core techniques and answer questions.

Next you and your accountability partner update the group on how you’re doing.

If you’re having any challenge you can share it with the group for support.

Your weekly meeting ends with a powerful meditation that has been proven in 3rd party clinical trials to slow and often reverse one significant aging process (it literally helps you rebuild your telomeres).

In this group meditation we all see each other supported and having a wonderful upcoming week.

Do The Routine Nightly

You’re encouraged to do this meditation yourself, in private each evening.

How will you feel knowing you have people focusing each night on your success?

Combining an accountability partner with a supporting, inspiring group profoundly increases the chances of these new healthy routines becoming a permanent part of your new lifestyle!

Plus the group is a lot of fun. Odds are you’ll make new close friends.

How Does This Work With hi®?

The simple hi® routine - physically - intervenes and helps you shift to relaxation, and healing each night.

Once you learn the routine, you can reliably do it in just a few minutes each evening. Of course, if you want you can use it longer.

hi® and these methods were developed from over 12 years of research, working with several thousand couples. The technology and methods have 6 US/Int Patents.

Solutions You'll Love

Many women have challenges being able to have daily intimate experiences consistently. hi® provides a quick, easy way to take of this, even when you're tired. The patented method relaxes your ENTIRE body.

Deep Restoring Sleep

Good sleep is vital for healthy skin. The nightly hi® routine helps you relax and sleep deeply. A special section covers the most effective ways to get deep sleep. Plus you learn the latest discovered on supplements!

Support From New Friends

Life can be stressful, but good friends help. If you need a place to feel totally accepted for who you are - this group is your new home. Here we all support, love, and accept each other without judgment. Your coach also answers any questions!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We know you'll love hi® Freedom from Urinary Incontinence Program as much as thousands of other women who regularly use their hi® systems.

If you follow the simple hi® Program and work with our coaches - we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied, or we'll provide a 100% refund within 30 days.

How The Program Works

Step One

First, you schedule a coaching session with your certified hi® Read More. . .

You begin by learning a powerful way to build your focus and self confidence.

This new insight will help you with the program, plus many other areas of your life!

In a few days your hi® system will arrive.

You'll soon discover that while hi® is an unusual-looking device - it will change your life.

It's a professional-grade massager, that is uniquely designed for women.

First, you learn the easy nightly hi® routine - either online or from your personal coach.

The program includes a confidential coaching session with a certified hi® instructor to answer any questions.

The program provides powerful proven results. To benefit though you need to follow it daily (or at least every other day).

That's why we've included a coach - to get you going and keep up with you during your transformation.

As you do the routine, you'll be amazed at how it completely relaxes your shoulders, back & body.

This does far more than just relax your muscles, it sends an "It's OK" message to your body.

It helps your body to shift out of a "fight or flight" state and begin renewing naturally.

Doing this quick routine each night helps you get deep & rejuvenating sleep.

Most women start noticing an improvement in their complexion within a week of doing the nightly routine.

After ~21 days you'll be delighted.

Beyond this, you get a special membership in a caring, community that answers questions and provides support.

If you needed a place to feel totally accepted for who you are - the group is your new home. Here we all support love and accept each other without judgment.

This simple process quickly becomes an indispensable part of your nightly routine.

Step Two

After you're familiar with the nightly routine, you learn a series of easy exercises that both help improve your pelvic and overall health. Read More. . .

Each morning as you do this simple ritual, you'll notice a big improvement in how you feel and your self-esteem.

People may soon start wondering what has changed because you'll radiate a natural glow.

You also learn an easy checklist of ways you can sleep deeply, even when you're stressed.

Our goal is for you to radiate beauty on the outside and inside.

You have a special beauty and unique gift inside.

Otherwise, you wouldn't be here right now.

We believe you were meant to be here reading this - and therefore we're here to help in any way you can!

You Deserve This!

Step Three

You are introduced to a few simple, but very powerful routines that ensure these positive changes become a permanent part of your lifestyle. Read More. . .

By now, your stress levels will be lower, and your body will be very different.

Odds are you'll feel significantly better!

Now you learn easy ways to ensure your new healthy lifestyle becomes a permanent way you live.

PLUS we offer a follow-up ADVANCED bonus session with your coach for self-confidence and goal setting.

Odds are you also now have many new friends from the accountabiltiy program, plus the online community!

We encourage you to now share your experience with other women who are just beginning their journey with the program.

This is also the first step to becoming a certified hi® coach!

A Certified hi® Instructor Guides You Through The Program.

Learn New Ways To Develop Radiant Beauty

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You Deserve To Be Healthy!

One thing we often overlook is that to take care of others, we have to take care of ourselves. By doing the routine each night, we're able to recover and take better care of our loved ones.

How Is The hi® Freedom From Urinary Incontinence Program Unique?

  • The patented hi® Method is very simple - but produces profound results.
  • hi® provides full body complete relaxation - plus a special facial massage that improves your complexion and tightens your skin.
  • Powerful techniques are included to help you improve your appearance, plus build self-esteem and confidence, so it's far more than pelvic health.
  • You get a personalized plan created by your coach during the first call. Then we follow up at the end, plus you get support from the private group.
  • You also have ongoing access to a coach and support group - that believes in you - and helps you along the journey
  • If you want, you can be paired with an accountability partner who helps you stay on track (but that is optional).

Meet Your Head Instructors

Wendy & Steve McGough

Drs Wendy and Steve McGough (DHS)

Wendy & Steve are the founders of Women & Couples Wellness.

Over the past 12 years, they've worked with several thousand women facing challenges ranging from pelvic health to intimacy to fertility.

Wendy and Steve's Background. Read More. . .

Wendy & Steve are the founders of Women & Couples Wellness.

Over the past 12 years, they've worked with several thousand women facing challenges ranging from pelvic health to intimacy to fertility.

They hold doctorates in human sexuality from the IASHS, focusing on clinical sexology.

Wendy's background is in psychology from Ohio State, while Steve's background includes nutritional biochemistry at UNC-Chapel Hill & neuroscience research at Wake Forest School of Medicine.

They're the creators of the hi® massage system & hold 6 US/Int Patents for women's pelvic health solutions.

From this, they've developed natural ways to address urinary incontinence and other pelvic floor challenges women may face.

They work closely with urologists, pelvic floor physical therapists & fertility specialists.

The Freedom From Urinary Incontinence Program Includes:

  • Personalized Health Planning Session with a Certified hi® Instructor ($200 Value)
  • Access to the 4 week hi® Training Group Classes ($997 Value)
  • Private hi® Social Support Group Membership ($97/month Value)
  • hi® Professional Massage System ($349.95 Value)
  • hi® Custom 3M Extension Cable ($19.95 Value)
  • Discovering Research Proven, Exercise, Diet Strategies - That Work. ($197)
  • Developing Self-Acceptance, Self-Love & True Inner Beauty ($97)
  • Follow-up Coaching Session with a Certified hi® Instructor ($200 Value)

  • Getting Your Quality Of Life Back (Priceless)

Total Value: $2,651.90

For A VERY LIMITED TIME Just The Cost Of A hi® System:


We know you'll love the hi® Program as much as thousands of other couples have enjoyed hi®.

If you both follow the simple hi® Freedom From Urinary Incontinence Program and work with our coaches - we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied, or we'll provide a 100% refund within 30 days.* See details in our FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does The Training Take?

Learning the nightly routine is very easy. Each training video is approx. 5-10 min. You get a new video every few days, so you can easily listen while going to work, etc. When you talk with a certified hi® instructor, it takes approx 30 min. You can always ask follow-up questions though.

How Is This Program Different from Anything Else Out There?

The hi® Freedom From Urinary Incontinence Program is a guaranteed way to help you improve your pelvic health, while enhancing your appearance - from the inside out.

Rather than focus on just kegels or related exercises, you learn a comprehensive solution.

One key part is that you learn a natural way to relax and increase Oxytocin, DHEA and related hormones. These hormones are essential for collagen production.

Without adequate levels of these hormones, even if you exercise and take collagen supplements you don't get the benefit if you can't make collagen to rebuild tissue.

The same loss of collagen that causes wrinkles in your face, also cause other areas of your body to sag and lose their tone. This includes your pelvic floor.

Using hi® frequently not only helps tone your pelvic floor muscles, if used properly it stimulates release of these essentail hormones.

Numerous studies have shown that women who have consistently had multiple intimate experiences each week were able to relax better, recover, and seem to age more slowly.

They also had more clear skin. One study of 3500 people found that women who had on average 4 intimate experiences every week, literally looked 10 years younger than women who didn't.

The key challenge women usually face is being able to work this into their busy schedules - as well as being able to achieve these experiences reliably when they have stressful days.

hi® provides a patented, easy way to totally relax and achieve intimate experiences more easily than ever before.

So you are able to consistently and easily achieve this on a nightly basis. Then once you have gotten used to this ritual, it takes things to a higher level.

Special techniques are taught for a quick morning routine that helps you both enhance your self-esteem and confidence. This helps you feel better about yourself. This allows you to better handle stress each day. Then the nightly routine helps you relax more completely for better sleep.

After 30 days, you will notice a profound change in how you feel and your skin. You then take things to an even higher level by learning about the latest advances in other easy ways to improve your complexion.

These foods, supplements, and exercises are designed to work with the hi® routine.

Each area you add is backed by research and causes noticeable improvements. We wait until you have the nightly routine for one full monthly cycle because after you have been able to relax and sleep deeply during this time.

By now, your stress levels will be lower, and your body will be very different. Odds are you'll feel significantly better!

From here the online community provides support and information on other areas you can add if you like.

You have guaranteed results. If you follow the program and work with your coach if you have any questions, we guarantee you both will be totally satisfied or you can send it back within 30 days for a full discount.

How can I introduce this to my partner?

You deserve this just for being who you are. But if you're concerned about what your partner will think, you can let them know that they can receive major benefits as well. They can get a massage they'll love as well with hi®.

Plus, as a bonus, you get the hi® 3-Step Couples Transformation. This program is an agreement where you each give the other a very special massage with hi® each week.

This gives your partner a massage they will look forward to as well. Once they see how much it helps you, and they get massages themselves, they'll really like the idea.

What Are Wendy And Steve’s Backgrounds?

Wendy & Steve approach pelvic health from a unique perspective.

This came from Wendy's personal experiences and watching how women transformed after they included used hi® in their self-care.

As explained below, Steve has a background in medical research, so he began reviewing the medical literature about this amazing phenomenon.

It was shocking how extensive the research studies were on the benefits of intimate experiences, but little was known publicly.

Wendy & Steve have Doctorates In Human Sexuality (focusing on Clinical Sexology) from the IASHS.

For several years Steve was an associate professor at the IASHS as well.

Over the past 12 years, Wendy and Steve have worked with several thousand couples studying intimate health.

He holds 6 patents on technologies related to women's pelvic health. They have published multiple books on massage and intimacy.

Previously Steve worked in Neuroscience Research at Wake Forest School of Medicine and has a BS in Biochemistry (focusing on nutrition)
from UNC-CH.

Wendy is one of the most experienced trainers in the world for our hi® product line and has worked with several thousand women focusing on resolving intimate challenges.

Steve also has extensive knowledge of nutrition, both from his undergraduate training and that he dealt with morbid obesity when he was younger.

From this, he developed a truly effective program of easy lifestyle changes you actually enjoy. Over time these healthy changes in your lifestyle are reflected in your weight and health.

This experience has been extensively applied to the Women's Makeover.

So you’ll learn easy, practical, powerful skills that work.

What Is the hi® 3-Step Couples Program?

The hi® 3-Step Couples Program is a bonus if you're in a relationship (or will be in a relationship in the future). It creates a very special ritual couples agree to do for each other. Once a week they give the other partner a very special full-body massage. With hi® it's very easy and only takes ~15 minutes. This gives couples something they REALLY look forward to each week.

This creates a shared interest you both have, which over time becomes a foundation for your relationship. It also gives you something to be excited about each week, because as you both learn more, you can do new things you've never experienced before.

Currently, the hi® 3-Step Couples Program is included as a bonus with the Makeover. This is for a limited time and the bonus will not be included in the future. This is a great motivation to help convince your partner to join you on this new adventure together.

What if I'm shy and don't want to talk to the hi® coach? Can I just take the online training privately?

Yes, if you are very shy, you can take the course without the benefit of having a coach and support from the community.

If you change your mind after receiving your program, you can still send it back to us within 30 days for a refund.

We've found women have a >95% satisfaction rate when they are trained, and we strongly encourage you to make use of this tremendous bonus.

Plus you'll learn more advanced techniques that can take things to an even higher level.

What Is Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?

If you follow the hi® Program and work with our coaches, you'll be amazed with the results - we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied - or we'll provide a 100% refund within 30 days. Just send the hi® system back to us. This gives you plenty of time to experience the full benefits of the program.

So there's no risk!

This simple method transforms your Intimate Life while improving your health. It helps both of you feel, and look noticeably younger.

The hi® Freedom From Urinary Incontinence Program is a quick, easy routine you do each evening and morning. It not only gives you a natural glow, but it also helps you relax and sleep better!

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You Deserve This!

*Medical Disclaimer – hi® is a percussive massager and can produce positive results for general muscle relaxation that are well documented for this type of massage. It is also designed specifically for relaxing women’s pelvic and abdominal muscles. However, hi® has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. No medical claims are being made. The hi® product, and or any statements made by this site as well as any associated video, audio, or written content therein, are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. hi® and its related training programs are not intended as medical advice, nor to replace the guidance from a qualified health care professional. This site and all associated content, and products are intended to help share knowledge about wellness and relaxation approaches. Visitors and customers with any medical or health-related concerns are encouraged to contact a qualified health care professional. Please note that hi® provides a vigorous percussive and vibratory massage. Consult with, and get approval from your doctor or other appropriate medical advisor before using hi® if you are not in good health or have any medical conditions where you should not receive a highly vigorous massage. The method and related devices used by hi® are patented in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the European Union.

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